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Carnation, WA

The Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative is an organization of about 20 small, local farms working together to bring you fresh produce. Farmers run the show! Our member farms initiated and built the co-op so that they could spend less time on logistics and more time growing your food. In exchange, you get more diversity while supporting the whole local foodshed, not just one farm. All of our member farms utilize responsible environmental and food production practices- read our pledge to learn more.

Celebrate Bounty Week!

For one week each year, restaurants up and down the Snoqualmie Valley participate in Bounty Week by featuring vegetables grown by local farms. 

Many thanks to all of the restaurants that participated in Bounty Week 2017, which took place October 13th to 19th. Stay tuned for information about Bounty Week 2018 and make sure to request Snoqualmie-Valley-Grown food when you visit local restaurants!

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