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Carnation, WA

The Snoqualmie Valley Farmers Cooperative is an organization of about 20 small, local farms working together to bring you fresh produce. Farmers run the show! Our member farms initiated and built the co-op so that they could spend less time on logistics and more time growing your food. In exchange, you get more diversity while supporting the whole local foodshed, not just one farm. All of our member farms utilize responsible environmental and food production practices- read our pledge to learn more.

2017 Veggie Box Program

Fill Your Table With the Best of the Snoqualmie Valley! Subscribe to our full season of veggie boxes or try us out with a 4 week trial.

The Full Subscripton

Get a subscription to our weekly veggie box and your kitchen will be stocked with uber-local produce! Every Thursday from July 6th through November 16th, we will deliver a box containing 7 to 9 fresh, seasonal produce items from the Snoqualmie Valley to a convenient location near you. We will make sure you get a balanced yet useful selection of leafy greens, root crops, and everything in between. Each Monday we let you know what will be in your box and tell you any information you need to store your veggies properly and utilize them in delicious, healthy ways. 

A New Perk: All subscribers will receive a discount on vegetable-oriented cooking classes that are designed by a registered dietitian at 21 Acres between July and November! 

We know that committing to 20 consecutive weeks of veggies can be tricky, so new this year, we are offering a four week trial (see below) and an 18 week subscription that includes 2 vacation weeks of your choosing! Regardless of the option you choose, our boxes are$25 a week. Subscriptions can be paid in full by June 1st or paid in $150 installments.

Interested in more than vegetables? See below for information on "extras"!

What can you expect in your box each week?  How will the weekly logistics work exactly? Where is the Snoqualmie Valley? How does this program support local farmers? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers. 

Fill out this form to sign-up for our 18 or 20 week box and we'll contact you with detailed payment information promptly!

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Our delivery day is Thursday. We will confirm the pick-up window at each location by June. Please let us know if you have specific timing needs.
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The 4 Week Trial

























The Extras

Interested in trying us out? Sign up here for our 4 week trial! $125 gets you four weeks of our delicious veggie boxes. These weeks do not need to be consecutive. If you decide to stay on after the 4 weeks have ended, you will already have paid for your fifth week!* 

*Please note that this trial is not an option for King County employees seeking Healthy Incentives Program credit.*
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Pick Up Location *
Our delivery day is Thursdays. We will confirm the pick up window at each location by the end of June.
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On which date would you like to start receiving our veggie boxes? Please choose a date at least two weeks from today's date.
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We are working with partners across our valley and beyond to provide you with more than just vegetables. Visit our payment page to add the items below to your veggie box.


You can now receive a dozen or half dozen eggs with each of your veggie boxes! Each dozen is $7.50 and each half dozen is $4.69. You can purchase an 18 week share on our payment page, but if you'd like to buy a different number of weeks, just send an email to All eggs come from Cascadia Poultry Cooperative, a new farmers co-op raising pastured poultry in the Snoqualmie Valley. Visit the SnoValley Tilth page for more information about this exciting new venture.


Purchase our bread share and receive one small loaf of bread with each of your veggie boxes, alternating between Rustic Italian Sourdough and Whole Wheat. Each loaf is $5.75 each. You can purchase an 18 week share on our payment page, but if you'd like to buy a different number of weeks, just send an email to All bread is baked by the talented folks at Grateful Bread Bakery. Here are the ingredients for each loaf type:

Rustic Italian sourdough: organic unbleached wheat flour, water, biga (organic unbleached wheat flour, water, yeast), salt, and yeast.

Whole Wheat: organic whole grain wheat flour, filtered water, honey, six grain (cracked wheat, rye, barley, millet, oats, cracked corn), flax, salt, and yeast.

Butter and Cheese!

Purchase our dairy share and receive one dairy item from Cherry Valley Dairy with each of your veggie boxes, rotating between a half pound of their Dairy Reserve cheese, 12 ounces of grey salt butter, and 8 ounces of their Fromage Blanc. The cost of this share is $11 a week. You can purchase an 18 week share on our payment page, but if you'd like to buy a different number of weeks, just send an email to Here is a description of each item:

Dairy Reserve: Tangy, sweet, and buttery with a smooth, nutty finish.  A semi-firm cheese aged between 4 and 8 months with a cocoa, black pepper, and cinnamon-rubbed natural rind. 2014 ACS Winner.

Grey Salt Butter: Silky-smooth, grassy and creamy - the way butter was meant to taste! Cultured in the European style. 2016 ACS Winner!

Fromage Blanc: A creamy, young, soft cheese made from skim milk and fresh Jersey cream. Available either plain or blended with a medley of fresh, locally-grown savory herbs.

Email or call Hannah at 360-305-6078 with any comments or questions!